how to use norton's anti-virus

Antivirus Update
April 5, 2001
Keep your virus protection software updated with these tips.

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Q: Is there anything I need to do with my antivirus software other than download it? Does my Norton antivirus software search all the time, or is there something I have to do periodically to maintain it? 

A: You need to make sure you update your virus protection software on a regular basis. Even this is not enough, though. You should also use your Norton antivirus software to monitor any suspicious activities and any downloads. 

Your antivirus program should include features that will check these for you. Check Norton to make sure you have selected the most important settings. 

If you have Norton, you should see a small icon in your system tray that looks like a small computer with a red cross. Double click on this icon to access its options. If you do not see the icon, it means that your antivirus program is not loading at startup -- which is not good. You should run Norton from your Start menu and change the following settings: 

Choose Tools, Options.
In the Scanner tab, make sure everything is checked.
Under How to Respond, choose Prompt. It gives you the most control and lets you know when something happens, giving you the option to repair or delete.
Click on the Auto-Protect tab and make sure it is loading at startup, that all Scan options are selected, and that all files are being scanned.
Do the same for the Startup tab.
Now click on the Inoculation tab to ensure that your boot record is inoculated as well. 

Combine these settings with regular updates and you will get the best possible protection from your antivirus software.